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Colorado’s Amendment T and the Meaning of Involuntary Servitude

Amendment T would remove troublesome language sanctioning the enslavement of prisoners without affecting today’s work-related programs for convicted criminals. . . . | Read More

New Book: Reclaiming Liberalism and Other Essays on Personal and Economic Freedom

The book brings together the title essay plus thirty-two others. “Reclaiming Liberalism” examines the meaning of the term liberal, linking it to the tradition of individual rights; explains why genuine liberals should not let statists steal their rightful title; and distinguishes liberalism from conservatism and libertarianism. Other essays, published over previous years, explore the lure of utopia; defend equality before the law, not of outcomes; champion freedom of speech; defend capitalism; critique the nanny state; and address other critical issues of our times. | Buy the Book


Why I Oppose the Colorado End-of-Life Options Act, Proposition 106

In principle, I support an individual’s moral right to choose whether to commit suicide for the purpose of alleviating profound suffering, as may be caused by a terminal illness. I oppose Colorado’s end-of-life ballot measure, Proposition 106, primarily because it flagrantly violates people’s moral rights to freely associate, to dispose of their property as they see fit, and to operate their businesses as they see fit. Whatever one’s views about other aspects of the measure, it is clear that in the ways mentioned the measure violates rights and undermines liberty. . . . | Read More
· See also “Why I’m Ambivalent about Right-to-Die Laws,” a detailed look at such laws.

Election 2016

Donald TrumpIt has been quite an election season. Following are my key articles about it in reverse order.

· Clinton and Trump Should Both Drop Out for the Good of the Country
· The Statist Convergence of Trump and Clinton
· You Might Be Outraged at Ted Cruz If . . .
· Should Liberty Advocates Support Gary Johnson for President?
· Donald Trump: Anti-Capitalist
· Donald Trump Would Be the Least-Qualified Person Ever to Be Elected President
· Why Liberty Advocates Should Join the Republican Party, Not Abandon It, Despite Trump
· Still, Never Trump
· Ted Cruz’s Remarkable Nod to the Separation of Church and State
· Trump, Cruz, and Freedom of Speech
· Republican Religion Undermines Capitalism
· Reason and Rights Republicans
· The Needed Political Realignment
· Ted Cruz Would Ban Abortion Even for Rape Victims
· Yes, Ted Cruz’s Policies Would Outlaw Some Forms of Birth Control
· Ted Cruz’s Dangerous Pandering to Theocrats

When It’s Wrong for Lawyers to Help Guilty Clients Go Free

Philosopher Michael Huemer makes a claim that will surprise many attorneys and observers of the legal system: With some important exceptions, lawyers should not help a clearly guilty client go free or otherwise evade justice. This runs counter to the common notion that attorneys can or even should help their guilty clients go free. | Read More

The Moral Case Against Minimum Wage Laws

Advocates of economic liberty have largely ceded the moral high ground on the issue. But minimum wage laws treat low-wage employees as though they needed a government nanny and employers as though they deserved a government yoke. These laws violate the rights of employers and employees alike. | Read More | See also Ari’s op-ed at Complete Colorado, and listen to Ari discuss minimum wage laws with Gail Fallen on 1310 am.

Separation of Party and State

gop-conventionAs I discussed on Jon Caldara’s Devil’s Advocate television show June 24, political parties are private organizations and should be treated as such. Government ought not help finance the process by which parties select candidates, nor regulate that process.

Following are my recent articles on the matter.

· Reply to the Denver Post on Open Presidential Primaries
· An Open Letter to the Colorado Elections Study Group
· Get Government Out of Political Parties: How to Resolve the Primary-Caucus Debate
· Setting the Record Straight about Colorado’s Republican Caucus

You Can Learn to Fight Back if Attacked

Heroes of the Paris Train AttackOne thing the horrific murders at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando again make clear is that, when seconds count, police are usually minutes—or in this case hours—away. The simple fact is that the true “first responders” during an active shooter situation are—or could and should be—the intended victims. Even if you are unarmed, you can take action likely to substantially increase your odds of staying alive. In a 2015 article I discuss many of the key issues, and embed some useful videos. | Read More

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