Occupy Denver Steals Services, Destroys Property

Last night I argued that camping out in government parks in the city (where overnight camping is always illegal) is not a First Amendment right.

This morning, I point out that the Occupy Denver movement stole services from Xcel Energy, destroyed property, and cost taxpayers untold thousands of dollars.

9News reports, “Officials say the protesters tapped into the electricity of park structures (like lighting fixtures, etc.) to run their equipment. Xcel is repairing the damage the protesters caused, structure by structure.” Those costs get passed along to other energy customers. What, do the rest of us also get to steal services so long as we’re protesting something? Hey, A-Basin is open; maybe I can just hop on the ski lift without paying if I wear a political shirt.

I have not seen a figure for how many state patrol and Denver city officers were involved in the night’s activities — no doubt scores at least. So how much will tax payers in the region end up coughing up to cover these costs? Who’s going to calculate that tab?

And then there are the dump trucks required to clean up the mess. The Denver Post reports, “Dump trucks were brought in for tents and other trash that authorities picked up and threw away.” Dump trucks, as in plural? How much did that cost taxpayers?

I recognize the long and noble history of civil disobedience. Think about Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and those who refused to obey the Fugitive Slave Act. Today’s Tea Party gets its name from an act of civil disobedience. Strategic civil disobedience in the name of a great cause to advance individual rights is a sacred thing.

But the Denver Occupiers do not belong in the same company. They have no noble cause, nor even a coherent message. Instead, they’re stealing, destroying, and looting the taxpayers as a cause unto itself. Call it the Narcissist Invasion.

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  1. Comment by Anonymous October 15, 2011 at 2:53 PM

    Excellent points, Ari.

    The tea party movement has some serious issues that make it hard to support it fully, but the Occupy Denver thugs not only have dubious demands (or many of them do) and dubious fellow-travelers and supporters, but they act like what I called them: thugs. They are rude, thieving, childish, arrogant, and seem unable or unwilling to do anything constructive, as a group.

    Comment by Anonymous October 17, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    I agree with some of what you said except I would not make the same assumptions about the “cleaning up” after the protestors…
    In fact, I would generally presume the opposite if I were for lack of facts/understanding… that the city probably threw out their property unnecessarily, if not having had destroyed it first. I’d imagine that if it had been presented in some other way, that they would have preferred to keep their property and not have it hauled off as trash.
    Summary punishment on the behalf of L.E. is not nearly as rare as it should be. I *HOPE* that it was not used/abused here, but I suspect that it was.
    -Tony Bubb, Erie, CO

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