Wall Street Occupiers Depend on Capitalism

“Free the Wage Slaves” — read the mass-produced T-shirts sold by the entrepreneur at Zuccotti Park. The Occupiers used the tents, paper, clothing, food, and other products of capitalism — to condemn capitalism.

After I filmed several interviews at the park, I caught up with my wife and friend across the street at McDonald’s, where they celebrated American capitalism. Interestingly, numerous Occupiers also seemed to enjoy using the facilities at McDonald’s (though the day after I filmed this one of the Occupiers¬†trashed the restaurant).¬†On a personal note, I’d like to thank Apple for producing the iTouch pocket computer and camera with which I filmed the interviews.

1 thought on “Wall Street Occupiers Depend on Capitalism”

  1. Comment by Mike Chamberlain November 8, 2011 8:07 AM

    Of course they depend on capitalism. Somebody has to make the free stuff they demand. Only capitalism provides a system in which the producers can use their profits from other customers to subsidize the production of that which the Occupiers want.

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