Denver Gay Bar Hit with Antidiscrimination Suit

According to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Denver Wrangler, a gay bar, illegally “discriminated against a man when a bouncer denied him entry last year because he was dressed in drag,” the Associated Press reports. “[R]egulators determined the bar illegally discriminates against effeminate men because its dress code bars high heels, wigs, ‘appearance-altering makeup’ and strong perfume,” the AP reports.

Although it seems odd to me that a gay bar would deny entry to men dressed in drag, and although that may be cause for some people to complain or even boycott the bar, certainly the bar’s owners have a moral right to determine dress and behavior codes within their own establishment, and government has no legitimate business intervening. For more on this idea, see my article for the Objective Standard, “On the Right Not to Bake a Cake.”