Pat Roberts Bests Milton Wolf for Senate

Frankly I’d never heard of Senator Pat Roberts, but I had heard of his challenger, Milton Wolf, because Wolf frequently writes about health policy and related matters (see his op-eds for the Washington Times). So I was interested to learn that Wolf was running for U.S. Senate, because I agreed with various articles he’d written.

On Tuesday, Wolf lost the primary to Roberts, as MSNBC reports. As Politico explains it, Roberts won through a combination of hard work, party support, and (of course) incumbency. Then there’s this: “Roberts . . . trained the spotlight on an embarrassing professional scandal. . . .¬†Wolf was discovered to have posted patient X-rays on Facebook, sometimes accompanied by morbid jokes.” (I’m not sure any radiologist’s campaign could survive similar scrutiny.) Still, Wolf did relatively well, earning over 40 percent of the vote.