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Patreon Guidelines

A note from Ari Armstrong: As of August, 2016, I’m treating my monthly contributions from Patreon and outside sources as covering a written word count, at a rate of ten cents per word. These are not “official” rules from Patreon; they reflect how I personally am using the service. Following are a few details.

At or near the beginning of each month, I’ll check the total estimated pledge amount at my Patreon page. To this figure, I’ll add the amount of outside contributions from the previous month. If I get total monthly outside contributions in excess of $50, I may distribute the funds across multiple months, at my sole discretion. This total (in dollars), multiplied by ten, yields the covered word count. For example, total contributions of $100 covers 1,000 words.

Alternately, I made decide to apply an outside contribution to an article published during the same month, again at my sole discretion.

This is a good-faith commitment, but not a guarantee. If I have an emergency, as judged solely by me, I may skip writing for one or more months, and still collect and keep the contributions. I don’t expect this to ever happen, but I can’t rule out a serious medical emergency or the like. Under no circumstances will I issue refunds.

Normally, if my word count for a month gets within 300 words of the covered total, I may fulfill the residual the following month. I don’t want to write “filler” articles just to meet the word count. I want to write articles that I regard as important, at the length that I deem best given the subject matter. On the other hand, if I go over my word count for a month, I won’t subtract the excess from the next month’s count; they’ll be “bonus” words.

If ever I exceed $1,000 in a month for the purpose outlined here, I will regard 10,000 words as my monthly cap. I just don’t think realistically that I can write more than that. I will happily accept more funding, but at that point the word count will remain constant.

I might alter these guidelines at any time, with or without warning. People should participate with that in mind. The goal here is to finance my writing, so if I think of a potentially better way to do that, I’ll likely give it a try.

Thank you again for your support.