Ari Armstrong Appears on CNN


Following are some of Ari Armstrong’s media appearances and mentions and professional honors, in reverse chronological order.

October 13, 2016: Andy Hooser from KQAM had Ari on to discuss his new book, “Reclaiming Liberalism and Other Essays on Personal and Economic Freedom.” See the podcast of the interview; Ari is on for the first fifteen minutes.

October 10, 2016: Ari appeared on The Daily Ledger television show to discuss the second presidential debate. In sum, Ari’s message was that the debate and the ongoing presidential race are national disgraces, and neither major-party candidate is fit to serve as president.

October 5, 2016: KTRH radio in Houston asked Ari to comment for its news segment about the Legatum Prosperity Index. In short, Ari suggested the Index isn’t very meaningful because it relies largely on subjective survey responses. See KTRH’s article with Ari’s comments as well as Ari’s follow-up article on the subject.

August 22, 2016: Gail Fallen had Ari on her radio show on 1310 am (Greeley, Colorado) to discuss minimum wage laws, unintended consequences, voter education, and the presidential race.

July 27, 2016: Andy Hooser had Ari Armstrong onto his “Voice of Reason” radio program (1480 KQAM, Kansas) to discuss the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Donald Trump’s political tactics, and possible reforms of the Republican caucus-primary system. (Ari is on for around the first half-hour.)

July 15, 2016: The Foundation for Economic Education published an article by economist Alex Tabarrok (originally published at Marginal Revolution) that quotes my article, “FDA Deserves Some Blame for Unnecessary Teeth Drilling.”

June 24, 2016: Ari Armstrong appeared on Jon Caldara’s Devil’s Advocate television program, hosted by Colorado Public Television. He argued that government ought not interfere with or subsidize a political party’s selection of candidates. Another guest, Randy Corporon, discussed the effort to “free the delegates” at the Republican National Convention from their commitment to Donald Trump.

May 12, 2016: Ari Armstrong appeared as a guest on Andy Hooser’s radio program on 1480 KQAM to discuss the political strategy of seeking to reform the Republican Party.

April 23, 2016: Ari appeared as a guest on Dave Levine’s radio program on 1490 KMET to discuss Colorado’s Republican caucus process and the presidential race.

April 14, 2016: Ari appeared on the Daily Ledger show with Graham Ledger to discuss Colorado’s Republican caucus system.

April 12, 2016: Ari appeared on Vince Coakley’s radio show on 106.3 Word to discuss Colorado’s Republican caucus system and the presidential race.

April 12, 2016: Ari appeared briefly on Dana Loesch television show for the Blaze to discuss Colorado’s Republican caucus system.

April 11, 2016: Mark Levin discussed on his radio program Ari Armstrong’s article about the Colorado Republican caucus system.

April 11, 2016: Ari appeared on CNN to discuss Colorado’s Republican caucus system and to dispel some of Donald Trump’s misinformation about it. The Right Scoop featured video of the interview in a post.