On Saturday night, my wife and I went with some friends to DeVotchka’s Halloween concert in Denver. Amazing. The show opened with a Day of the Dead procession. After some opening music, giant ribbons descended from the ceiling, and three women climbed them to perform acrobatic dance routines. Most people were dressed in stylish costumes. And the music was up to DeVotchKa’s usual standards. The band, filled out by three extra strings and another trumpet player, in addition to the four core members, alternated between the group’s sorrowful tunes and heavier beats. They started playing around 10:00 p.m., and the next thing I knew it was after midnight.

We became fans with the album SuperMelodrama, though I like the next albums, Una Volta and How it Ends, even more. You can sample the band’s music at its web page or through iTunes. One of my personal favorites is “The enemy guns” from How it Ends.

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  1. Saturday night was incredible! DeVotchka set the tone for a perfectly romantic, gothic Halloween celebration. This is my favorite show experience so far this fall!

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