I’ve just updated the Colorado Freedom Report with three new links:

People can pick a mover without city force
Mayor Jim Doody wants to bring Robert Redford’s “people-mover” to Grand Junction. But Henry Rustler Rhone built a toll road without city force.

$2.57 a day buys food, perspective
My wife and I spent the month of August eating for $159.04, or $2.57 per person per day. Welfare — the forcible transfer of wealth — should be phased out and replaced with voluntary charity.

To help the poor, preserve capitalism

I hope you enjoy the complete articles.

One thought on “ Update”

  1. Ari & Lin: I read your Ayn Rand piece and the follow-up piece by Judith Mardon in the Free Press.

    Bravo for you. Would like to see you write a piece quoting the WEALTH OF NATIONS in response to Judith.

    The FREE PRESS is a paper I pick up to see what the other side is saying. Judith and her ilk frighten me.

    Thanks for you good work.

    Sharon Gordon
    Grand Junction

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