Welcome to AriArmstrong.com

Welcome to my blog. Even though the blog is new, I’ve been writing for the internet since 1998 via the Colorado Freedom Report. [September 18, 2014 Update: From this date to the present, I’ve moved most of the contents from FreeColorado.com to AriArmstrong.com.] I’ll continue to publish material on that page, as well, and I’ll make a note on the blog about new material there. I literally predate blogs (which I guess makes me an old timer). According to Wikipedia’s entry on blogs, the term “weblog” was coined in 1997, and the term was shortened to “blog” in 1999.

Yet I’ve never been that “up” on the technology. I’m more interested in the writing than in the presentation. It is with no shame that I admit to having learned HTML from one of the Dummies books. So my blog is simple. I’ll improve it over time. I’m open to suggestions.

I started the blog because posting short comments is so easy. Otherwise, I have to load up a template in my word processor, save the file in the correct folder, load up the FTP software, and upload the file. Blogging services automate the process. I’ll continue to use my traditional process with the Report for longer, more formal articles (especially regarding Colorado politics).

My goal is to use the labels to organize my blogs into broad categories. So far these are the categories I plan to cover: Colorado politics, national politics, movies, fiction, nonfiction, music, products, home, health, and blogging. My goal is to post at least one entry every day. So I hope you’ll check back often.