Cat Care Society

This afternoon I was out for a walk, and I saw a cat in a field of open space. I had seen the cat several times before, and, suspecting that it is a stray, I had brought some cat food in a bag. The cat voraciously consumed the food, then whined for more, confirming my suspicions that it’s a stray. It’s also quite slender. It’s not really that much effort to get your cats fixed or take them to a shelter, so it annoys me when people abandon cats, in most cases leaving them to die of starvation, exposure, or predators.

I went home and called the Cat Care Society, the wonderful shelter where we adopted our cat. Unfortunately, that shelter is full. So, if you’ve ever thought about getting a cat, now is the time! You’ll have a fun time seeing all of the cats, and you’ll be able to pick from a large selection.

Fortunately, the Boulder Humane Society said that it’s willing to accept a cat. If the cat is behaviorally fit for adoption (i.e., not feral), as I think it is, and free from serious illness, it will be put up for adoption.

If I can find the cat! I went back with my cat box, and instead of a cat I found a fox prowling the area. I don’t know if the fox was after the cat or the cat food (which was gone). So I hope the cat doesn’t get eaten before I manage to get it to the shelter.