Hamstringing Security Guards

I could hardly believe this:

Springs to consider new gun law
Pam Zubeck and Perry Swanson, The Gazette
Originally published 08:12 a.m., December 12, 2007
Updated 08:12 a.m., December 12, 2007

Colorado Springs City Council members will consider a law next month to allow security guards to carry semiautomatic weapons.

Although the change has been in the works for months, the revision is sure to draw added interest in light of Sunday’s shootings at New Life Church.

City Clerk Kathryn Young… said the proposed measure would allow semiautomatic weapons; the current ordinance limits security guards to revolvers.

Should we say that security guards also don’t have to work with one hand tied behind their back? Revolvers are fine firearms, but I know of few gun enthusiast who would choose to enter a scrape with a revolver over a quality semiauto with a couple of spare magazines. That said, given a quality firearm, skill counts more than the type of gun (within limits); a good shooter can get shots on target with a revolver much faster than a poor shooter can with a semiautomatic.

Does anyone know what kind of gun Jeanne Assam used?