Moral Health Care

Colorado’s own Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh, MD, have written an article for The Objective Standard titled, “Moral Health Care vs. ‘Universal Health Care’.” The journal has made the article available at no cost to all comers.

Hsieh summarizes:

Lin Zinser and I have written an article on health care history and policy that will be appearing in the Winter 2007-2008 issue of The Objective Standard

We argue that the current crisis in American health care is the result of decades of government interference and violations of individual rights in health insurance and medicine. Hence the solution to the problem is not more government controls but instead to gradually and systematically transition to a rights-respecting, fully free market in those industries.

Also, Yaron Brook and Keith Lockitch have written an article on the same theme for Modern Health Care. The article argues:

The notion that America has a private, free-market medical system is a widespread misconception. More than 45% of total spending on healthcare in 2004 was government spending. Our semisocialist blend of Medicare, Medicaid and government-controlled, employer-sponsored health plans-with its onerous system of regulations and controls on medical providers-is the opposite of a free market.

To date, I have not heard a single defender of politically-controlled medicine even attempt to counter the arguments of Zinser, Hsieh, Brook, Lockitch, and fellow travelers. Instead, those whining for more political interference in medicine simple ignore the fact that political interference is the cause of modern problems in American health care. Let us work to assure that the articles proving the point are widely read.