Religious Mountain News

Diana Hsieh writes that “tithing [as] a subject of public discussion in a well-respected national newspaper still floors me.” Yet at least a letter to the editor is in the editorial section. The Rocky Mountain News, whether by design or by accident, seems to be pandering to religious readers more often in news articles.

For example, I recently quoted a News article that begins, “Kristi Burton was just 13 when she asked God for guidance and got it.” Whether or not the author of the article actually believes that Burton received guidance from God, the line taken at face value presumes that she did.

Here’s another example:

Lotto win forestalls foreclosure
The Gazette
Originally published 12:30 a.m., November 27, 2007
Updated 11:50 a.m., November 27, 2007

As the Bible says: “Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

Gloria Aguda, of Fountain, said she prayed to God for help, facing foreclosure and mounting bills. She won the jackpot in the Nov. 21 Lotto drawing, worth approximately $9 million.

The article, credited to the Gazette, appeared on the Rocky’s web page (though I’m not sure whether it also appeared in print). Again, taken at face value, the opening suggests that God played some role in the jackpot (which is ridiculous even from a religious perspective).

The Rocky has also reported on various occasions that victims of various accidents and tragedies thanked God for a relatively good outcome. However, the Rocky has not once mentioned why God allowed the tragedies in the first place, nor why others who pray to God nevertheless suffer worse outcomes.

I for one read the news to learn about the news — not to read gratuitous and frankly silly references to God.