Dishonor Killings

Recently I wrote about an apparent “honor killing” in Texas, in which a Muslim man allegedly murdered his own daughters for dating.

My wife, who continues to read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel (order from Amazon), read me the following quote today:

When I tried to find out about honor killings… — how many girls were killed every year in Holland by their fathers and brothers because of their precious family honor — civil servants at the Ministry of Justice would tell me, “We don’t register murders based on that category of motivation. It would stigmatize one group in society.” The Dutch government registered the number of drug-related killings and traffic accidents every year, but not the number of honor killings, because no Dutch official wanted to recognize that this kind of murder happened on a regular basis. Even Amnesty International didn’t keep statistics on how many women around the word were victims of honor killings. … (pages 295-96)

Talk about multiculturalism run amuck!

Surely Ali is among the bravest women in the world.