Health-Care "Reform"

Yesterday John Goodman, president of the National Center for Policy Analysis, sent out an email pointing out some of the absurdities coming out of today’s health-care “reform” movement:

Exhibit A: Critics who complain that the US health care system outspends every other country and gets nothing in return and then advocate…(can it be?)…more spending! For Sen. Obama, it’s $60 billion more every year. For Sens. Clinton and Edwards, it’s $120 billion – more than $1,000 per year for every household in America.

Exhibit B: Critics who complain that the error rate in US hospitals is way above anything that is tolerable in any other industry and then advocate more rules and regulations that would…(surprise!)…make it more difficult for hospitals to operate like other businesses.

Exhibit C: Critics who complain that poor people have inadequate access to health care and then advocate enrolling them in health plans where…(you guessed it)…they will have even less access than they have today.

Under ordinary circumstances this would all be laughable, but in health care – hey, they might get away with it.

Goodman points to his article, “Applying the ‘Do No Harm’ Principle to Health Policy,” as well as to a health plan from his organization. However, for a clear account of the problems with American health care and a principled solution rooted in liberty, I suggest the article by Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh, MD, “Moral Health Care vs. ‘Universal Health Care’.”