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[September 14, 2014 Update: This post is outdated. I’ve imported all the content discussed here to this page.]

Henceforth, my blog at will be dedicated to issues of religion and culture. Every topic and post will have some significant connection to religion (with the possible occasional exception of announcements regarding the blog) . As my readers know, my perspective is essentially critical of religion per se (though of course I recognize valuable contributions from various religious people).

At the same time, I am converting to a blog. All of the content created prior to the blog will remain intact. Every post that I write about politics and cultural issues not directly connected to religion will appear there. The old RSS feed for will be discontinued, so readers may switch to the RSS feed connected to the new blog.

Why the changes? I’ve found that my blogging lacks focus. At, I’ve been writing about religion, national politics, local politics, films, and so on. While some readers appreciate the range of commentary, others probably favor a narrower range. Now readers who care only about religion and its impact on culture can stick with Readers interested only in my political commentary can turn to (Hopefully some readers will frequent both blogs. I hope that the the hassle of reading two blogs is minimal, whereas the benefits of separating the content are substantial.) Even though religion is itself an extremely broad topic, my comments at will tend to cover an even broader range of issues. For that reason, I’ve decided to put any (infrequent) personal note there.

Since I started the blog at, I haven’t known quite what to do with But it’s a great domain name with nearly a decade of history behind it. However, the process of manually updating files has grown wearisome, especially when blogging is so much faster. Now will return to its original purpose: hosting commentary mostly about politics, with an emphasis on Colorado. Now, though, I’m more likely to post shorter comments along with more substantive articles, given that posting to a blog is so fast. The amount of commentary appearing at should increase substantially over recent weeks.

I plan to substantially change the look of over the coming weeks, and I may also make some updates to the design of Regardless of the look, I hope that readers find the content of both blogs to be interesting and considered (if often controversial).

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