Used "Bitch Slap" in ’07

ProgressNowAction has lambasted 850 radio host Jon Caldara for using the term “bitch-slap” on air. Michael Huttner, executive director of ProgressNow, told Lynn Bartels of The Rocky Mountain News, “If he doesn’t apologize, we will send an e-mail to tens of thousands more people to call 850 KOA’s advertisers and demand that they not be associated with Caldara and his shows demeaning women.”

However, Huttner’s own organization’s web page published the term “bitch slap” just last year. An entry dated September 9, 2007, states:

Biggest laugh line: “Mr. Bush cannot once again subcontract his responsibility. This is his war.” (Want to bet?) They also bitch slap Petraeus for his complicity before the election in ’04. They stop short of calling that a war crime, allow me to do that for them, besides, being a general IS a war crime, especially in the United States if you have kept your mouth shut for the last six years.

A screen capture of the relevant part of that web page has been archived at

On Thursday evening, I pointed out that the Colorado newspapers Westword, Boulder Weekly, and Colorado Springs Independent have used the term “bitch-slap” twenty times among them. On Friday I discovered that various other left-wing commentators have also used the term, including James Carville and Al Franken.

Now that I have also documented that Huttner’s own used the term “bitch slap” just last year, Huttner’s only responsible course at this point is to apologize to Caldara, to 850 KOA, and to Caldara’s listeners and advertisers.