Ron Paul for President, RIP

I was looking up Radley Balko’s comments on a drug-war raid, when I came across this post about Ron Paul, which links to this article from The New Republic. I do not doubt that Paul deeply regrets the comments in his old newsletters condemning Martin Luther King, Jr., and tolerating David Duke, whether Paul himself wrote those words or not, but, regardless of Paul’s sincerity of repentance, his campaign for president is dead (even though few people ever seriously expected him to win). The great tragedy is that Paul is very often right about issues involving economics and civil liberties, and unfortunately the revelations will undermine his efforts to promote those ideas.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul for President, RIP”

  1. He knew these were out there as it has came up before. I think he made some tactical mistakes in not heading this off early. He also has let himself getting backed into a corner that paints him as a racist. He spent 10 minutes talking to Tim Russert about how bad Abe Lincoln was. He ran an anti-immigration ad that would have made Tom Tancredo proud. Then after that the media made the newsletter a big story and it will be hard for him to defend himself after his civil war rants and his hard hitting anti-immigration ad.

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