Tax Cutting for God

Perhaps I was being too optimistic. Earlier today I said that, if he had his act together, Douglas “Bruce could be a strong voice for economic liberty in the state legislature…” But then I remembered this line from The Denver Post:

The bottom line to explain Bruce’s success [with the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights] is that he would not be deterred.

He refused to give up, and he continues to fight because he believes the tax-and-spend-limit cause has an even higher calling than letting taxpayers keep their money.

“Why did I persist after two losses?” Bruce wrote in an e-mail after being interviewed for this story. “(Why do I now persist after 13 years of retribution, jailing, court intimidation, scores of bogus property citations, seizure of real property and vehicle, public attack and scorn, phony fines, etc. etc.?)

“Because I believe God wants us to be free.”

That’s it? That’s his answer? As many evangelicals are discovering, apparently God wants higher taxes. I don’t think Bruce’s claim appeals to many Christians, and it certainly does not appeal to those looking for real-world answers to political questions.