Christian Kitsch

Thanks to Heavenly Images, you can send in a photo of your deceased loved one and it will come back showing your loved one with Jesus. You can also do this for photos of the living. (Paul Hsieh alerted me to the link.)

Don’t miss the testimonials, including the following:

[Grandma] was so withdrawn, but since receiving her photo of my dad & Jesus she has come out of the house twice… I give all praises to God.” …

I want to thank you so much for doing this. I lost my mother 7 months ago. This picture makes me feel more at ease.

Of course, rather than spend a minimum of $30 for this service (and that’s for a pet; it’s unclear to me why humans cost more), you could find a friend with some simple design software to do it for free. But, hey, it’s only $3 extra to include a poem or verse.

The main Heavenly Images page also explains why you should believe in Jesus and heaven. The upshot is that the New Testament is proven to be fact by eye witnesses, and if you don’t believe in Jesus you won’t go to Heaven (and, presumably, will instead go to Hell).

While you’re at it, don’t miss the advertised links: you can get Bible Verses Ringtones, Faith Clip Art, and even a hot Christian date.

It’s all enough to make Jesus himself swear (“me, mom, an mom’s husband!”)

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  1. A question for Neil Parille: Are you suggesting that the artwork shown at the website you named is “kitsch”?

    If yes, why?

    A definition of “kitsch,” as you are using the term/idea, would help make your meaning, if not your intentions, clear.

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