Demonic International Airport

The Denver Post hosts a photo and description of the giant new Mustang that now sits on the road to Denver International Airport. “Denver officials commissioned ‘Mustang’ from [sculptor Luis] Jimenez in 1992,” the Post reports.

My first reaction to the sculpture was that it’s “repugnant.” My wife said, “It looks like it’s possessed.”

My wife’s view seems to be a common one. On a separate blog post, the Post includes a number of comments about the piece that are almost entirely negative. Here are the highlights: “diabolical,” “hideous,” “a demon horse… melt it down,” “truly horrifying,” “looked better when it was wrapped in plastic,” “waste of tax payer money… beautiful if you are a satan follower,” “more appropriate in a horror type theme park,” “a debacle,” “an embarrasment to Colorado,” “likely to give children nightmares.”

One thought on “Demonic International Airport”

  1. When someone like Ari even repeats comments which describe a piece of “artwork” as demonic, you KNOW it’s gotta be somethin’ else.

    The fact that it killed its creator doesn’t help. ;)

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