Muslims for Murder

Recently the authorities broke up an alleged plot to murder a Danish cartoonist for depicting Mohammed. In response, various newspapers republished the cartoon in defense of free speech.

In response, more Muslims called for the murder of the cartoonist.

The AP reports (via Fox News):

Muslims March Against Reprinting of Danish Newspaper Cartoons Depicting Muhammad
Friday, February 15, 2008

Muslims protested Friday in the Gaza Strip, Pakistan and Denmark against the reprinting of a Danish newspaper cartoon depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Thousands of residents in the conservative Gaza Strip ruled by the militant Islamic Hamas movement marched in the Jebaliya refugee camp chanting: “What Denmark said is heresy.” …

And in Denmark, a prominent Danish imam urged rioting youth to stop setting fires and hurling rocks at police.

At the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Mahmood Sadiqui said, “We are even ready to sacrifice our life for our beloved Prophet.” The AP continues:

About 200 people held a similar rally in Multan, a main city in the eastern Punjab province, burning Danish flags and chanting “Death to the Cartoonist!” …

Mohammad Imran, a student leader from Islami Jamiat Talba, a student organization linked with Pakistan’s largest Islamic political group, Jamaat-e-Islami, called the cartoon “blasphemous.”

“We demand the rulers to sever diplomatic ties” with Denmark and Sweden for publishing the cartoons. “The cartoonist and publisher must be hanged.”

The call to murder people for drawing pictures is religion-induced insanity. Muslims who support such measures — or even who fail to publicly condemn them — are barbarians at war with civilization.

And Westerners who continue to think that such murderous fanatics can be appeased with cash payments or political concessions are delusional.