Shooting No ‘Accident’

The Rocky Mountain News reported today:

Mesa County sheriff’s deputies are investigating an accidental shooting at a Grand Junction gun store Saturday, in which an employee was shot in the abdomen.

The accident happened at Jerry’s Outdoor Sports, a sheriff’s spokeswoman said Sunday. Witnesses said a customer had brought a .243-caliber rifle into the store for servicing. While the weapon was being worked on, it discharged a bullet…

Okay, when you’re working on a gun that you haven’t bothered to unload, the resulting discharge is not an “accident.” Apparently the shooting was unintentional, but an “accident” it certainly was not. “Always keep your gun unloaded until you’re ready to shoot.” It’s one of the essential three rules of gun safety.

Also, why does the Rocky use passive language? The gun “was being worked on?” The gun “discharged a bullet?” Where was the person during all of this working and discharging? Guns are inanimate objects; they don’t fire themselves.