Fitna and Free Speech

I have not seen the film Fitna, because, when I tried to watch it on YouTube, YouTube offered only the following messages: “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.” “This account is suspended.” So I don’t know what the film contains other than what I’ve read in the media, aside from a few minutes I saw before the videos were pulled. I am not at this point able to judge either the film or its creator.

The AP reported that the film’s creator, Geert Wilders, “lives under police protection due to death threats.” The article adds, “A Dutch court will hear a complaint lodged by Muslim groups seeking to bar Wilders from releasing the film March 28, but there is no legal barrier preventing Wilders from releasing his film before then.”

The article states, “Wilders has not described the 15-minute movie [which appeared to be much longer on YouTube before it was removed from YouTube], due to be released by March 31, in detail but has said it will underscore his view that Islam’s holy book is ‘fascist’.”

So Wilders has claimed that the Quran is fascist, and therefore various defenders of the Quran, in order to disprove his claim, are trying to censor his film or murder him.

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