Team Hsieh

Congratulations to Coloradans Paul and Diana Hsieh, who each had letters published recently in big papers.

Paul’s letter to The Christian Science Monitor states:

… National healthcare programs violate the rights of consumers and healthcare providers to contract freely for medical services according to their best judgment. Such programs inevitably lead to rising costs and rationing, as demonstrated repeatedly in Sweden, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

In contrast, the free market consistently lowers costs and increases availability. Those sectors of medicine that are least regulated by the government (such as LASIK and cosmetic surgery) have shown the typical pattern over time of falling prices and rising quality that we take for granted in the rest of the US economy. Because the free market respects individual rights, it is the only practical and moral solution for the problem of rising healthcare costs.

Diana’s reply to a column by Dick Armey states:

Thanks to Dick Armey… for defending intellectual property in broadcast radio as a matter of justice to the creators.

Today’s producers of music artists, management and record companies offer consumers around the world a vast array of music for all tastes. Those producers deserve to be rewarded handsomely for their efforts, not cheated of royalties by legal loopholes for broadcast radio or online file sharing.

While the Hsiehs cover quite different topics in these letters, both letters uphold the principle of individual rights.