CCW for School Safety

Recently I mentioned an “empty holster” protest planned for the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Diana Hsieh argues in The Gazette that faculty should be allowed to harry concealed handguns:

I’m a graduate student instructor at CU Boulder. Since 2001 I’ve been licensed to carry a concealed firearm in Colorado. Every time I hear of a new school shooting, I worry that some psychopath might unleash his rage on my campus. University policy forbids any firearms on campus. I obey that policy but it won’t stop a killer from waltzing onto campus armed to the teeth. So if my students and I were in his path, we could only cower in fear in a corner of the classroom, helplessly waiting for him to kill us.

If the university respected my concealed carry permit, my good aim could protect my students from such an unthinkable end. Since I’m a law-abiding citizen trained in the proper use of firearms, my gun poses no danger whatsoever to other peaceful people.

To forbid a trained staff member from carrying a concealed handgun is dangerous and insanely stupid.