More Problems with Expelled

Scientific American reveals more problems with the Creationist documentary Expelled, which I’ve criticized previously. I’ll review only one of the six main points from the article.

The article points out that Expelled offers a rather selective review of the case of Richard Sternberg. “According to the film, after Sternberg approved the publication of a pro-ID paper by Stephen C. Meyer of the Discovery Institute, he lost his editorship, was demoted at the Smithsonian, was moved to a more remote office, and suffered other professional setbacks.”


Sternberg was never an employee of the Smithsonian: his term as a research associate always had a limited duration, and when it ended he was offered a new position as a research collaborator. As editor, Sternberg’s decision to “peer-review” and approve Meyer’s paper by himself was highly questionable on several grounds, which was why the scientific society that published the journal later repudiated it.

The further implication is that Sternberg abused his editorial position to advance his pseudo-scientific ideological position, which implies that his treatment was altogether too forgiving.