Two New Ayn Rand Resources

The Ayn Rand Institute recently has launched two new web pages devoted to Ayn Rand and her work. includes various essays about the novel and its history, several hours of video by Onkar Ghate featuring a “chapter-by-chapter discussion,” and audio recordings by Ayn Rand and others. reproduces in full the book by Marry Ann and Charles Sures. For me, the highlight of the web page is a collection of audio recordings by Mary Ann Sures, Leonard Peikoff, and others. So far I’ve listened to only a couple of the recordings, but they are delightful and fascinating.

These two new resources join the Ayn Rand Lexicon, which makes available extensive quotes from Rand’s many works, organized topically.

Finally, makes available media releases and essays and, on the registered users’ page (registration is free), an extensive library of audio and video recordings of Ayn Rand and others. For example, so far in 2008 the page has made available the lectures “Darwin and the Discovery of Evolution,” by Keith Lockitch, and “The ‘Market Failure’ Fallacy,” by Brian Simpson.

Though this material is available for free to the user, it is extremely valuable, and those of all backgrounds and levels can find many hours of illuminating discussions here. I applaud the Ayn Rand Institute for making these outstanding resources available to the general public.