Colorado’s Spaced Invaders

Oh, boy:

Never-before-seen video of “space aliens” – footage that will be revealed to the public in a few weeks – convinced Jeff Peckman that extraterrestrials exist. …

If Peckman has his way, Denver voters will have a chance to say whether they, too, believe that there is intelligent life outside Earth and whether the city should prepare for close encounters of the alien kind.

Peckman is sponsoring an initiative that would require the city to create an ET Commission…

Well, why not? After all, plenty of people in Colorado believe that gun-owner restrictions cut crime, that socialized medicine improves health, and that higher taxes help the economy. There is at least some possibility that extraterrestrials exist.

That said, the “ET Commission” is not a joke that will remain funny for long.

One thought on “Colorado’s Spaced Invaders”

  1. If, somehow, I can get on that committee. Do I also get a majic decoder ring that will let me comunicate with space people?

    I think there are better things to spend time and money on myself.

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