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I won’t often review products, but I’ll make an exception and mention a few here.

Theracane: This is not a substitute for a professional massage, but it’s as close as I’ve found. The Theracane is basically a curved stick with knobs on it. I’ve found it especially useful for massaging back muscles that I cannot reach by hand. An even cheaper tool is a sock tied with two tennis balls in it; I place this on the floor and roll by back on it, with my spine between the balls. (Note: I have no medical expertise; please consult a health professional and don’t sue me.)

Wranglers: I’ve always been a Levis man. But I got tired of my jeans wearing out so fast. So I tried Wranglers, and, not only do they seem to last better, they fit better, too. They’re not as tight where tightness is uncomfortable. And they’re a bit less expensive, too.

Chocolate Syrup: I got tired of looking for hot fudge sauce, because practically all of it contains hydrogenated fat. So I made my own, using about equal parts of cocoa powder, water, and sugar, plus a little bit of butter (I used around a tablespoon for a half-cup of cocoa). Cook on medium heat till it boils for a few minutes. This made an excellent sauce for ice cream and chocolate milk. However, it was a bit sweet for me, so next time I’m going to use half the sugar.

Perry Mason: The first season of Perry Mason is out on DVD, and it’s great. It’s a bit unrealistic for the lawyer to keep representing people who get falsely accused of murder, but each episode stands on its own. Mason is a clever guy, and he seeks the truth. (I forgot to mention this show in my list of television favorites.)

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