Holy Lawsuits and MP3s

The AP has reported that, after a man asked God for “a real experience,” he “he fell and hit his head while worshipping.” So he’s suing the church for $2.5 million. Why isn’t he suing the Holy Spirit? You’d think that, after going to all the trouble of filling the guy with the Holy Spirit, God would take the additional step of making sure he didn’t bump his head on the way to the floor. Of course, some of us may wonder whether people have the “real experience” that they expect to have, in which case I hardly think the church is liable, either. Of course, churches could, for example, issue bicycle helmets or the like before channeling God’s spirit into worshippers. Lest you think that Holy Helmets are ridiculous, consider the next story…

Atheist Nexus points to a Godlike new mp3 player, shaped like a cross. Christian music just isn’t the same unless it’s blaring through a cross-shaped player. “Show off your faith and listen to MP3 files with this 2 GB USB ‘Cross Style’ MP3 player,” and all for only — you guessed it — $19.99. Because we all know that mp3 technology, and the computer revolution generally, came about through prayer and supernatural intervention.

One thought on “Holy Lawsuits and MP3s”

  1. The last line was really funny. If the computer revolution came about through prayer then I guess the viruses are the work of the Satan.

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