Republicans Catch Up

In two related stories, the Rocky Mountain News reports that John McCain and Bob Schaffer have caught up with Barack Obama and Mark Udall.

The first story reveals that McCain has gone from a 49-44 deficit to a 46-44 edge, according to Quinnipiac University. The big news is that Obama has dropped by 5 percent, well beyond the margin of error. This suggests that, while people still don’t like McCain much, they’re increasingly turned off my Obama.

The article cites gas prices. Clearly it had more to do with the article by my dad and me beating up Obama (just kidding). But I do think the turn has to do with more than just gas.

The second article notes that, while Udall still leads in a Rasmussen poll by 4 percent, Quinnipiac shows them tied with 44 percent each.

Udall’s spokesperson Tara Trujillo told the News, “Udall has spent 12 years working to make Colorado the nation’s leader in renewable energy development, while his opponent, Bob Schaffer, has been working for the oil and gas industry that is making record-breaking profits while Coloradans pay more than four bucks for a gallon of gas.” That’s the comment that inspired me to make a bit of fun of Udall. I think that at some level many people understand that, when environmentalists forcibly prevent energy companies from producing energy, that tends to drive up prices.