Udall Announces WindCar 3000

MEDIA RELEASE — July 24, 2008


Boulder, CO — Today U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Udall announced his solution to high gas prices: the WindCar 3000, an electric car powered by a giant windmill atop the roof that can also serve to catch favorable winds.

“The WindCar 3000 offers a practical alternative to Colorado’s addiction to oil,” Udall said.”With gas prices around $4 per gallon, now is not the time drill or produce more oil in the U.S. Now is the time for forward-thinking individuals to adopt exciting new technologies and free us from oil.”

The WindCar 3000 powers itself with free, renewable wind energy captured by a towering, state-of-the-art windmill attached to the roof of the car. When the car is in motion, the windmill blades can be set in place to anchor the WindNet, a large sail that can convert existing winds to mobile force.

“This revolutionary system, dubbed the Free Atop-Roof Coupling Energizer, makes use of free wind energy whether the car is sitting in the gusty driveway or sailing down the road. The system is especially effective when commutes are coordinated with prevailing winds. All aboard the New Energy Economy!” Udall said.

Udall announced a five-year plan to research, develop, and construct the WindCar 3000, which he expects to go into production no later than 2015. He said his first act as Senator will be to pass a special tax on oil and oil-powered cars to fund the project.

“Even though the price currently is estimated at $126,320 per car, we fully expect that price to come down as our hand-selected scientists find new ways to conserve energy. For example, with even lighter weight materials, the car would require less power, and on a low-wind day two people could even carry the car with specially-installed handles,” Udall said.

The WindCar 3000 is expected to be able to travel at least 34 miles after only 20 hours of energizing in a high-wind area. With prevailing winds, the vehicle could travel much farther.

Udall sharply criticized his critics, saying, “Contrary to criticisms by oil-and-gas executives, high gas prices have nothing to do with my fellow environmentalists’ efforts to shut down all energy production in the United States (including nuclear generators); the fault rests solely with those who produce the oil that powers our 20th Century-technology cars. And don’t think for a second that it’s my fault that corn gas actually harms the environment while simultaneously subjecting third-world populations to starvation and rewarding corporate special-interests. The WindCar 3000 is based on entirely new technology, and its development will be overseen by the top minds in the nation.”

Udall concluded, “Obviously, this is a parody. In fact, I didn’t actually make any of these statements, and this release is entirely made up. My real energy policy is very serious business indeed.”