Good Colorado Service

I’ve been known for a touch of surliness when I get bad service, but at least I also try to promote people and companies that give me good service. Though the topic is unusual for this web page, I wanted to recommend four businesses today. (I get nothing out of this except the satisfaction of promoting people I like. Please note that I haven’t asked any of these people if they want me to publicly praise them, so don’t assume that they endorse any of my positions or statements.)

If you need a house inspection, I recommend Mike Bruchs, a Denver-area member of The Home Team Inspection Service. He’s at 303.954.4453. I’m convinced that Mike found every problem with the house he inspected for me that falls within his job description. (He’s also good about mentioning what he’s unable to check.) Not only did I gain a great deal of useful information about the particular house, but I learned a lot about houses in general.

If you need massage, I have two recommendations. Here’s a recent praise quote I sent to Now and Zen Massage: “Of the scores of massage therapists I’ve seen, Andrew is among the very best at finding tense muscles and working them out. Only two other therapists with whom I’m familiar belong in his league. I do a lot of work at the computer, and over time this strains muscles in my neck, shoulders, and back. Andrew keeps these muscles from becoming a painful distraction from my work and life. In you need a truly therapeutic, expert massage for muscle tension, Andrew earns my highest recommendation.”

Also, Lifetime Health and Wellness hires a Romanian named Cornel who offers a spectacular deep-tissue massage. His technique is different from that of any American I’ve seen, and it works very well for me.

Finally, Kimco Printing recently did some work for me that turned out beautifully. The job was completed early, too. The business doesn’t have the best slickest image, but they deliver quality where it counts.