Hsieh’s Warning for Democrats

Diana Hsieh has been busy promoting the Coalition for Secular Government. A few days ago, her letter appeared in the Rocky Mountain News; it is a needed warning for Democrats as they converge in the state:

The First Amendment of the Constitution upholds freedom of religion as absolute. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, it builds “a wall of separation between church and state.”

For the past 30 years, that wall has been under attack from the religious right via “intelligent design,” “faith-based initiatives” and now Colorado’s own “definition of a person” amendment.

Alarmingly, Democrats are jumping on the faith-powered bandwagon. A powerful religious left is emerging within the Democratic Party, determined to entangle politics and religion. The ideal espoused by John F. Kennedy that the religious views of a politician should be “his own private affair” is dying.

Democrats, religious or not, must speak out for freedom of religion. If they don’t, their party will soon be in the iron grip of savvy Christian evangelicals, just like today’s Republican Party.

Thankfully, Colorado Democrats such as Mark Udall have endorsed the separation of church and state. That is a major reason why Colorado Democrats routinely beat the hell out of Republicans.

One thought on “Hsieh’s Warning for Democrats”

  1. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but this is quite an exaggeration of Jefferson’s position.

    As governor of Virginia, he did support some religious funding and also declared days of prayer and thanksgiving. Even as president, he authorized granting money to an Indian tribe to build a church.

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