"Prolifers" Advocate Pain and Death for Women

The position of the Association of Prolife Physicians speaks for itself:

We must respond to all tragic circumstances of pregnancy from the unshakeable foundation of two indisputable premises: human life begins at conception, and it is always wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. The unborn child’s right to life and liberty is given by his or her Creator, not by his or her parents or by the state. … It is never right to intentionally kill an innocent person, even if it does relieve another’s emotional or physical suffering. …

We find it extremely unfortunate that many pro-lifers have regarded the health of the mother to be a consideration in whether or not she should have the right to terminate the life of her pre-born baby. … To intentionally kill or condone the intentional killing of one innocent human being precludes one from being considered ‘pro-life’ at all. A murderer of one person is not any less a murderer if he allows thousands to live, nor if he saves thousands from dying!

Contemplate that for a moment. This allegedly “pro-life” position would subject women to agonizing physical suffering and the risk of death to maintain the faith-based fantasy that a fertilized egg is a person.