Republican Majority for Choice

On Thursday evening I attended a banquet hosted by the Republican Majority for Choice. I was amazed by the large crowd (hundreds strong) and the caliber of speakers. Hank Brown, who has served both as U.S. Senator and President of the University of Colorado, sported a “No on 48” badge (opposing Amendment 48) as he offered a ringing introduction and ushered in the speakers.

Gale Norton, former Secretary of the Interior, also attended.

I chatted with several sitting and former state legislators. A Republican Majority for Choice. Who knew?

For once I didn’t mind bipartisanship as Dottie Lamm and Sarah Weddington — who successfully argued the Roe v. Wade supreme court case — also addressed the crowd.

I had a lot of fun (and will have more to say about the event soon). Two sentences kept going through my mind as I talked with people with whom I’m often on opposite sides: “politics indeed makes strange bedfellows” and “I’m pro-choice on everything.”