Beauprez Reminds Voters of Schaffer’s Faith-Based Politics

Bob Beauprez, former congressman and failed candidate for governor, has reminded voters that U.S. Senate Candidate Bob Schaffer opposes abortion and embryonic stem-cell research. Yet Beauprez’s own faith-based politics cost him big in 2006, when he earned only 40 percent of the votes. While Beauprez made a number of campaign mistakes, his own commitment to faith-based politics, as well as an even more pronounced commitment by his running mate, alienated many moderate Republicans and independents. Will Beauprez bring the same magic touch to Schaffer’s race?

Mike Riley reviews Beauprez’s efforts for the Denver Post:

Former U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez is blanketing the state with recorded calls that take aim at Democratic Senate candidate Mark Udall… The calls are targeted at Catholic voters…

Voters who receive the robo-calls hear Beauprez’s voice talking about the “five non-negotiables” of Catholic doctrine — opposition to abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, embryonic stem-cell research and human cloning.

He tells listeners that Udall is on the wrong side of each, and he lauds Udall’s opponent, Republican Bob Schaffer.

It’s not clear that the calls will help Schaffer even among Catholics. One recent poll found that 51 percent of Catholics believe “Abortion should be legal and solely up to the woman to decide.” More broadly, Beauprez reminds voters that the Republican Party in Colorado is all about imposing sectarian dogma by law.

What’s repulsive is that Beauprez calls his faith-based policies “values issues.” What is valuable is a government that respects individual rights. One that violates individual rights by enforcing religious law destroys values.