Colorado Republican Committee Pushes Anti-Abortion Agenda

Some Colorado Republicans want to overturn Roe v. Wade and outlaw abortion, and they’ve funded a flyer to promote that agenda. The flyer was redistributed by the Republican Majority for Choice — with criticisms. That group recently hosted an event featuring former Senator Hank Brown.

The flyer, “Paid for by Colorado Republican Committee,” urges recipients to vote for candidates who will appoint Supreme Court justices “who will protect life,” euphemism for outlaw abortion.

Meanwhile, “21st Century Colorado” continues to hammer Libby Szabo over her answers to a Colorado Right to Life survey. That group’s flyer makes it clear that Szabo is a Republican; she is shown with President Bush near the Republican logo. (That side of the flyer is not provided here.) Colorado Republicans certainly are making themselves easy targets for the Democrats. Maybe someday they’ll learn that faith-based politics turns off freedom-minded independent voters, as well as Republicans who respect the separation of church and state. But the latest GOP flyer reminds us not to count on it.