Evie Hudak’s Squandered Opportunity

Libby Szabo’s supporters must think she has a good shot at winning her state senate race (Colorado District 19) against Evie Hudak, because they’re dumping a ton of money on Hudak.

In general, the mailers I’ve seen for Szabo are highly effective. They portray her as a fiscal conservative and her opponent as a reckless tax-and-spender. One recent flyer “Paid for and authorized by Coloradans for Change” claims that Hudak “supports a massive $3.8 billion property tax increase,” showing that “Evie Hudak has no problem taking money from hardworking Coloradans. Evie Hudak in the State Senate means she can tax us more and waste our money to bloat the size of government even more.” Even though the flyer doesn’t mention the details, the mere fact that a Republican group is taking on higher taxes is significant, given the bloated-government policies of W. Bush.

Another flyer from the same group repeats the charge: “The Associated Press investigated Evie Hudak and found she spent $11,316 of taxpayer money as a member of the State Board of Education — in just one year. Actual receipts show her spending at taxpayer expense included 4 nights at the luxurious Keystone Resort Lodge and Spa, chauffered limo rides in Washington, DC, and expensive meals at 5-star restaurants.”

That’s effective, negative advertising.

Meanwhile, the flyers sent on behalf of Hudak portray her as a gleeful supporter of the welfare state, including corporate welfare for politically-correct energy boondoggles. Each flyer I get for Hudak reminds me of why I despise Democrats and why I’ll be disgusted to vote for her.

And, inexplicably, the attacks on Szabo have tapered off. While I got one flyer weeks ago correctly claiming that Szabo wants to “ban all abortions” and end stem-cell research, I’ve seen no effective follow-up attack.

Yet the fact is that Szabo endorsed Amendment 48, which if implemented would force women to carry pregnancies to term even in cases of rape, incest, fetal deformity, and health risks to the woman (excepting immediately fatal ones). It would subject women and their parters and doctors to severe criminal penalties for abortions or induced miscarriages. It would ban the birth-control pill and other forms of birth control that may prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. And it would virtually ban fertility treatments.

The attack on Hudak for the misspent $11,316 hits its mark. But that’s nothing compared to a politician who wants to put my wife in jail for taking the birth-control pill or getting an abortion for health reasons. (On the phone Szabo denied that Amendment 48 would ban the pill, despite the evidence that that the pill can kill a fertilized egg and that many opponents of abortion oppose the pill for that reason. The fact that Szabo refuses to contemplate the logical implications of her endorsements is hardly consolation.) Yet, as far as I’ve seen, Hudak’s supporters have not made Szabo’s support of Amendment 48 a campaign issue. This is despite the fact that the measure is losing in the polls 68 to 27 percent.

Hudak had her chance to beat Szabo, and she totally blew it. Her only hope now is that the government employees (particularly the teachers’ unions) put her over the top, and that she benefits from strong up-ticket Democratic support.

If Szabo wins, at least she might be a good vote on economic issues — though most Republicans aren’t — and with the Democrats controlling state government she’ll have little opportunity to implement her horrifying faith-based politics.

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  1. Szabo plays on the conservative team, thankfully.

    We could use many, MANY more of people like her.

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