Kristi Burton’s Gospel of Jesus Christ

Kristi Burton sometimes tries to pretend that Amendment 48, defining a fertilized egg as a person, is about science. But such arguments are laughable. Elsewhere she reveals her real agenda: to impose her religious dogma by force of law.

Westword reveals a bit more about Burton’s background:

At seventeen, Burton began taking classes through Oak Brook College of Law and Government, an online law school whose mission is “to train individuals who desire to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ through service as advocates of truth, counselors of reconciliation, and ministers of justice in the fields of law and government policy.” (Oak Brook students are also encouraged to “rely upon the indwelling Holy Spirit to give them the power to develop within them Christ-like character qualities.”)

Assuming Burton takes Oak Brook’s advice to heart, she believes she is inhabited by a ghost that tells her to ban abortion. These “ministers of justice” threaten to unleash profoundly unjust laws.

3 thoughts on “Kristi Burton’s Gospel of Jesus Christ”

  1. That article, and the clueless smile she wears in the photo, are frightening. She is thoughtless, life-hating, and destructive.

    And I mean “thoughtless” literally, since she is guided by random whims (the Holy Spririt), rather than reason.

  2. I would point out that she’s very young and very much a pawn in this game. She chose to make herself a pawn, so she’s responsible for the measure, and she is intentionally obfuscating the nature and impacts of Amendment 48, so she is dishonest. She’s definitely old enough to know better. Still, while I don’t hold out much hope for her reform, I’m prepared to wait and see.

  3. Hey Kristi,
    I’m with you on this one. A cell is living so therfore life has began.
    Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide and direst us until His return.
    You go girl.

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