Letter to Mark Udall Regarding the Bailout

Dear Congressman Udall,

I am writing to thank you for voting against the so-called “bailout,” not just once, but both times. That showed real guts, and the sort of independence that Colorado could use in the U.S. Senate. You took on not only the bullying of the Bush administration and “leaders” of your own party, but their sycophantic media, which promoted the bailout in “news” stories and editorials alike.

For the most part, the American public saw past the ruse and opposed the bailout. Most members of Congress and most journalists failed the American people on this matter, utterly. But you stood with us.

I’d also like to thank Senator Allard for voting against the bailout, along with Congress members John Salazar, Marilyn Musgrave, and Doug Lamborn.

The mortgage crisis was caused by ill-conceived federal controls — particularly programs that encouraged and even required risky lending — and the bailout will just add more of the same. What we need are not massive new wealth transfers and more concentration of power in the hands of bureaucrats, but a truly free market, in which the government rigorously protects rights of property and contract, roots out fraud and deception, and otherwise leaves people free to manage their own affairs and enter into voluntary agreements.

I was already already going to vote for you, though reluctantly, based on your strong endorsement of the separation of church and state and religious freedom. Now, even though I disagree with you on many other issues, I will be proud to vote for the man who, knowing the bailout was wrong, stood up and courageously voted against it.

Please note, however, that I will vigorously oppose you if ever you take the wrong side and try to reduce or restrict the liberty of the American people. Your recent vote, though, gives me some hope that you will remain open to reason and honest argument, and closed to the shrill pleadings of interest groups looking for political favoritism.

In our age, political cynicism is the coin of the realm. But this time your vote was pure as gold. I sincerely hope you have struck a vein, and I will vote for you for the office of U.S. Senate with that hope.

Ari Armstrong