Vote for Amendment 48 or Go to Hell

In a letter to the Craig Daily Press, Lynne Herring offers the following reason for voting for Republicans and Amendment 48:

Please vote yes on 48. I believe, as a Christian, that when I stand before God and He asks me if I did everything in my power to respect and protect life, but I chose not to vote or I vote for the Democratic Party and Obama, who strongly support abortion, that God will hold me just as guilty.

If abortion is murder, and God will hold people guilty of abortion for voting to keep it legal, then apparently the outcome is to burn in hell for all eternity. If there is some other meaning for being held “just as guilty,” I can’t guess what it is. Will God say, “Naughty, naughty; now walk your naughty self through Heaven’s gates”? If so, that’s not much of a deterrent. I’m not really up on people’s differing ideas of purgatory, so maybe that would come into play.

Herring makes a peculiar claim: “Pregnancies after rape and incest are very rare, and no one would condemn any woman for getting an abortion because of violence done to her.” Wait just a minute. Amendment 48 declares a fertilized egg to be a person. If so, then aborting an embryo that resulted from rape is murder. And Colorado Right to Life and other organizations believe precisely that.

Herring had better think about her position a little more carefully. If she fails to “condemn any woman for getting an abortion because of violence done to her,” then Herring is by her own standards endorsing murder, and God will hold her “just as guilty” as the women who get an abortion. Herring is dangerously close to the flames of hell, by her own reasoning.

But of course Herring’s views are nonsense through and through. For reasons to oppose Amendment 48, see the web page devoted to the issue by the Coalition for Secular Government.

One thought on “Vote for Amendment 48 or Go to Hell”

  1. Ari,

    I just found several of your articles on religion vs. reason (abortion) and find your work to be enlightened. I have spent the past three years voraciously reading books from Thomas Paine’s “Age of Reason” to Hitchen’s “God is NOT Great” and have a real passion for doing something to help bring bronze-aged notions into the glare of modern light. You are doing that and I appreciate it. Keep up the great work!!

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