Independence Institute 2008 Banquet: Collected Links

Following is a complete list of my postings on the Independence Institute’s 2008 Founder’s Night Banquet, held November 13 in Denver.

Malkin’s Conundrum
Michelle Malkin rightly criticizes Republicans for violating economic liberty, yet she insists that Republicans pursue the faith-based politics of abortion bans.

Caldara Reviews Initiatives, Buckley
Jon Caldara discusses Amendments 49 and 54, Christopher Buckley, mill levies, and campaign finance laws.

Rosen: GOP Message Out of Fashion
Mike Rosen claims Republicans “won’t win until the American people are ready to hear our message,” but the real problem is that the Republicans offer the wrong message.

Independence Institute Banquet Photos

Penn Pfiffner Celebrates Defeat of 59

Kopel Talks Guns, Taiwan
Dave Kopel discusses guns, Taiwan, and The mp3 file is linked.