Independence Institute Banquet Photos

The Independence Institute held its annual banquet on November 13. Here are a few photos from the event.

Brian Schwartz runs the Independence Institute’s “Patient Power” blog.

State Senator Shawn Mitchell just won reelection. Congratulations!

Dominic Dezzutti, Mike Muel, and Joe Weaver

Wesley Dickinson of the People’s Press Collective

Mike Coffman won the Congressional seat that Tom Tancredo is leaving.

John Andrews of Backbone America founded the Independence Institute in 1985.

Jon Caldara, who celebrated his tenth year at the Independence Institute, chats with Weld County Sheriff John Cooke.

Mike Rosen discussed Republican politics. (I respond here.)

Fred Holden, author of Total Power of One in America, received the 2008 Bern Bickel Award.

Seeme Hasan received the 2008 David S. D’Evelyn Award. She serves as chair of the Hasan Family Foundation.

Michelle Malkin offered the keynote address. (I respond here.)

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