The ‘New Energy Economy’ Euphemism

U.S. Senate hopeful Mark “Udall has track record advancing new energy economy,” a Speakout headline asserts in the Rocky Mountain News.

A more precise way of putting it is that Udall supports corporate welfare and central planning in energy.

I don’t demand that advocates of corporate welfare call it that, but they could at least admit to favoring “corporate subsidies.”

But people seem to want to pretend that if we call it the “new energy economy” it’s something other than old-fashioned socialism.

One thought on “The ‘New Energy Economy’ Euphemism”

  1. The problem with the “new energy economy” is that the claim that it will create new jobs is a complete lie. Jobs are created when efficiencies are introduced into a system. This is often compared to the “computer boom of the 90’s”

    The difference is that computers introduced new efficiencies into the systym. Accountants replaced bookkeepers with computers; architects replaced draftsmen with computers; banks replaced tellers with ATM’s. Because of the efficiencies, the cost of these services declined and the entire economy improved.

    No one has explained how the economy can improve by switching to more expensive less efficient forms of energy – especially in this global economy where competing nations will be using the less-expensive forms.

    This plan can only be accomplished 2 ways; by subsidizing inefficient energy or outlawing efficient energy. Either way burdens Americans unjustly.

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