You Are Not Alone

COCORE will purchase eleven Colorado billboards stating, “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone,” the Rocky Mountain News reports.

COCORE is “an umbrella organization of 11 groups ranging from the Boulder Heretics to the Humanists of Colorado.” I wanted a bit more detail, so I looked up the organization’s web page.

The Colorado Coalition of Reason consists of various groups listed at its web page. It also has a reading list that, while interesting, serves as a reminder that atheism is not a positive philosophy. Atheism means merely a lack of belief in God (and by extension a supernatural realm), which hardly implies that any of a particular atheist’s positive beliefs are correct. It matters far more what you believe in.

One thought on “You Are Not Alone”

  1. A good campaign; but, as you say, it needs to lead to more than a dead-end.

    It would be cool if it was part of a series. For instance, the “you are not alone” ad is an “unfreezing”, provocative ad. The other ad mentioned — the one in New York — says:”Why believe in god? Just be good for goodness sake?” That’s a step in the right direction.

    Finally, there could be an ad that had a message, telling people that there is a rational approach to being good.

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