Gun Buy-Back Hits Legal Snag

On November 14 I pointed out that a proposed gun buy-back in Denver would have to meet the legal requirements of a gun show. The organizers would have to post gun-show notices, have a licensed gun dealer on the premises to record the transactions, and make sure that anyone accepting guns goes through a background check. There’s still no word on whether the organizers intend to follow these legal requirements. However, the event was delayed due to another legal problem, as the Rocky Mountain News reports:

Denver park officials said organizers obtained a permit for the anti-violence part of their program. But the city forbids firearms in any park. …

Alvertis Simmons, an event organizer, said the rally was the subject of media reports and that he explicity told city officials it would include a gun buy back program. Organizers were offering gun owners $50 in exchange for each firearm.

But, Simmons said, no one from the city told him it would be illegal to hold the gun buy back at the park until Friday.

Simmons and organizers have decided to postpone the rally until Dec. 27, when it will be held at the New Covenant Christian Church, 825 Ivanhoe St.

So now a church will host the gun show. I’ll check to see whether the church intends to follow the law. We wouldn’t want any loopholes, now would we?