Job Killer

We are in a rough economy. More people are losing their jobs. Some businesses are having a hard time making it. Therefore, obviously, this is a great time for the automatic increase to Colorado’s minimum wage, ensuring that the least-skilled, youngest people looking for a job will have a harder time finding one.

As the AP reports, the minimum wage will go up to $7.28, and to $4.26 for tipped employees, tomorrow.

Of course, the real minimum wage is zero, and that is the wage that more entry-level workers will now be receiving, thanks to Colorado’s “progressive” community. But, hey, the progressives will be there to save the poor unemployed with food stamps, Medicaid, etc.

Thankfully, the kids of yuppy “progressives” can continue live off their parents as they work for free as interns, thereby “exploiting” themselves into high-paying jobs later on.

One thought on “Job Killer”

  1. I don’t know what the problem is. Ritter’s already created 90,000 green jobs. They’re all great jobs that provide more than a living wage. He can just go out and create some more if we need them.

    …. now please excuse me while I go pull my tongue out of my cheek.

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